Finding the Right Analytics tool

Ofcourse there are free tools and paid tools. Lets compare the two!




Free Vs. Paid: You can start measuring data from your website through google and yahoo, which provide you with free tools. The downside is that the raw data wont get you too far. It takes much more time to understand and analyze data, which in turn costs more, because you may need to even hire some people to do so.


When you pay for your analytic vendor, you should ask them the 10 important questions:




 1) Main differences with free tools.
2) Types of versions and flexibility.
3) Types of data collection options and entrenchment.
4) TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).
5) Type of Support (options, pricing, technical or business).
6) Segmentation awesomeness (post data capture).
7) Exporting data (options, history, data ownership).
8) Integration with other sources of data.
9) What’s up next, the competitive edge.
10) Types of business lost, why.
11) Bonus Question.




All of these can be found in Kaushiks site in much more detail:


Web Analytics Tool Selection: 10 Questions to ask Vendors




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