What is Web Analytics ( Part 1 – a brief synopsis)


Not all websites are created equal. Take Youtube for example. Here you will find expensive, professional, commercial work side by side with camera-phone-recorded pet videos. At the bottom right corner, you can find a running total of how many times each video has been viewed; a widely accepted indicator of the video’s success.  A testament to this evaluation system is the prominence with which page visits and “ likes” are displayed on such a large number of the pages that we (or at least I) come across today.

It would be fair to say that to a considerable number of internet users, a visit is much like a vote. However unlike a vote, a visit can be broken down even further by asking “ how long did the visit last” and “ did the visitor buy/sell/purchase/view etc. anything?”, “ Did they return” and if so, “ how often?” This is where Web Analytics comes into play. Using a variety of tools (both free and otherwise), we can turn the experience of putting up our website from a one way shot in the dark, to a more transparent, improvable two-way process.

Below is a short video created in the hopes of making this definition more conducive to the visually oriented ( which is germane to some aspects of this topic and will be discussed further in a later post).



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